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Soul Purpose 360 are accredited to interpret DISC Graphs for our clients which help our Client's to attain a raised awareness from the outset.  DISC is a powerful tool in this regard.

Learn from your limitations

Our limitations or 'weaknesses', often cause us to see ourselves and others as inadequate. Limitations and strengths are our personality yin and yang; you don’t have one without the other. While we might see our limitations as imperfections, having awareness of them enables us to balance them in an appropriate manner.


Build upon our strengths

Too often we are not aware of our true capacity for helping ourselves or others. By focusing on doing what you do best, or capitalising on our strengths, allows us to be more productive and motivated in whatever we choose to do. Knowing that we have specific strong points and weak points helps us realise that having others on our side that can do what we cannot, is more beneficial than trying to be what we are not.

A DISC Test costs £30.  Contact us via email to arrange  to take a DISC Test 

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When you have a better understanding of yourself and why you are the way you are, you can learn how to build upon your personal strengths and overcome your personal limitations.

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Soul Purpose 360 is DISC Accredited

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