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I am Palma Black,  the founder and CEO of Soul Purpose 360 CIC.

I have over three decades experience working in community development, regeneration, local and national politics, social enterprise and more.   I have been head of community regeneration for a G15 social housing association for nearly a decade and I still work in the industry, keeping up with relevant knowledge, skills, and experience.


Today, I am Head of Engagement for a social housing developer.  I think it is important to always remain connected to source for relevance and legitimacy. Through my work, I have been fortunate to be able to contribute to social policy change across many areas in London and the southeast and as a result, I am known and respected in many fields, in a variety of sectors. 

I am a trained Personal Performance Coach and DISC Accredited. 

I am passionate about people and communities believing that everyone has the right and the ability to advocate for themselves and their communities. I am passionate about social change and believe that everyone has a right to play their role. I am keen to see more Black women playing active roles in their own lives and in the world; finding their soul purpose and following their passions. 


I am also a Grants Panel Member of the Football Foundation.

I am a single mum of two and a lover of DIY...

I have founded my Soul Purpose, what's yours?

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My Story

I am Palma Black, Founder, and CEO. 

Many years ago, I became dissatisfied with my job, and like many in those situations, I began seeking clarity on my purpose in life. 

Despite having had a rich and varied career, working in jobs that filled me with immense sense of achievement and happiness, and having had many wonderful and challenging experiences which had given me opportunities to grow in confidence, become resilient and independent, I still was unsure about my purpose in life; an emptiness that needed to be filled.

In my quest to find my purpose, I began actively questioning and searching, reading, and researching in the world of personal development and slowly things began to reveal themselves to me - for me.  

Sadly, in 2012, my sister became seriously ill. Pauline developed terminal cancer and over the next six-years, our private conversations began to shape my life and my purpose begun to gain clarity. You see, Pauline had experienced many challenges in her life too, but was defeated by a lack of confidence and self-love.  After Pauline passed, I vowed to help other Black women overcome personal obstacles and challenges in their lives, to prevent women dying filled with regret, and to help them find fulfilment like I had done, by giving back to society. I found my soul purpose.

Soul Purpose 360 is the vehicle through which many Black women are connecting with others through the networking and empowerment circles - where we support one another.  The networks are filled with love, compassion, and empathy. Members share skills, knowledge, and expertise on all things related to life, health and wellness, community, business and more.  We recognise and value lived-experience and hold safe spaces for Black and minoritised women - without judgement.  We encourage each other to find our soul purpose, to live our soul purpose, and to grow individually and collectively.  

Soul Purpose 360 is Cultivating Black Women for Social Change…


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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