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SoulPurpose360 CIC Content Sharing Policy

Effective Date: 08/12/2023




SoulPurpose360 CIC is dedicated to cultivating and empowering black women for social change through our website ( We appreciate and encourage the sharing of our content to spread awareness and inspire positive action. This Content Sharing Policy outlines guidelines for sharing, reproducing, and using the content found on our website.


1. Permissible Use:

  • You are welcome to share, link to, or reproduce content from the SoulPurpose360 CIC website for personal, non-commercial, and educational purposes.

  • Content may be shared on social media platforms, blogs, or other digital channels with proper attribution to SoulPurpose360 CIC.

2. Attribution:

  • When sharing or reproducing content, please provide clear and visible attribution to SoulPurpose360 CIC, including the website URL ( and, if applicable, the author's name.

3. Non-Commercial Use:

  • Content from our website may not be used for commercial purposes without explicit written permission from SoulPurpose360 CIC.

4. Modification and Derivative Works:

  • Content should not be altered, modified, or used to create derivative works without prior written consent from SoulPurpose360 CIC.

5. Prohibited Uses:

  • Content from the SoulPurpose360 CIC website may not be used in a way that is unlawful, defamatory, or harmful to the reputation of SoulPurpose360 CIC or any individuals associated with our organization.

6. Third-Party Content:

  • Some content on our website may be subject to third-party copyright or licensing agreements. Users are responsible for complying with any additional terms associated with third-party content.

7. Request for Permission:

  • If you wish to use SoulPurpose360 CIC content in a manner not covered by this policy, please contact us at [insert contact email/phone] to request permission.

8. Enforcement of Policy:

  • SoulPurpose360 CIC reserves the right to enforce this Content Sharing Policy and take appropriate action in response to any unauthorized use or violation of these terms.

9. Changes to the Policy:

  • SoulPurpose360 CIC may update or modify this Content Sharing Policy. Any changes will be effective immediately upon posting to the website.


Contact Information:

If you have any questions or concerns about our Content Sharing Policy, please contact us with this link.


Thank you for respecting our guidelines and for your support in sharing our content responsibly to advance our mission of empowering black women for social change.

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