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About Hounslow

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

This page is dedicated to all things Soul Purpose 360 Hounslow.

Here you can find out who the local facilitators are, dates of meetings and much more.

Hounslow is a large suburban district of West London, England, west-southwest of Charing Cross. It is the administrative centre of the London Borough of Hounslow, and is identified in the London Plan as one of the 12 metropolitan centres in Greater London.

It is bounded by Isleworth to the east, Twickenham to its south, Feltham to its west and Southall to its north.

Hounslow includes the districts of Hounslow WestHestonCranford and Heathrow. Although most of the district lay within the London Borough of Hounslow, some parts fall within the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames and the London Borough of Hillingdon including Heathrow Airport.

Most of Hounslow, including its Town Centre, the area south of the railway station and the localities of Lampton and Spring Grove, falls under the TW3 postcode. The TW4 postcode is made up of Hounslow West and parts of Cranford, whilst the TW5 postcode includes Heston and Cranford. Heathrow Airport and parts of Hatton comprise the TW6 postcode.

Meet The Facilitators 


Anne-Marie Mitchell

Hi I am Anne-Marie, I am a resident from Perivale. I joined Soul Purpose 360 three years ago.  I find Soul Purpose 360 to be a very supportive safe space; you can tell and voice your story and journey with confidence without judgement and with like-minded women. I am hoping to build a small business. 
Soul Purpose 360 encourages you to broaden your horizons and meet beautiful Black women.

Seeking Volunteer Facilitators

Apply by emailing

Seeking Volunteer Facilitators

Apply by emailing

The unique stressors faced by Black and minoritised women in society are multifaceted, deeply rooted in systemic racism, sexism, and socio-economic challenges. These stressors not only affect their mental health but also significantly impact their physical well-being. Understanding these unique pressures is crucial in developing strategies for maintaining mental resilience among Black women.

Finding Emotional Release is crucial to managing these stresses that can and often do, end in physical ill health.


During Mental Health Awareness Week 13th - 19th May 2024, join us for some Emotional Release. Emotional release offers a space for an individual to experience a guided meditation followed by a body scan to then create an opportunity to practice self-healing techniques of tapping, to regulate the nervous system and create emotional balance.  Whether you feel disconnected, overwhelmed, lack of creativity, low self-worth, or just in need of some deep relaxation, this session aims to promote an energetic shift from within.  

Hosted by Erenjit Kaur Deol of Coaching your Intuition, who is a Youth and Wellbeing Coach, EFT and Reiki Practitioner

Your emotional wellbeing is in good hands. 


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