Black Women's Networking & Empowerment Circle

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Do you want to:

  • Gain clarity on your community project idea?

  • Get help, advice and support?

  • Do you want to join a group of amazing and caring women who are active in their communities?

  • ​Do you have skills, knowledge and experience you would like to share with like-minded women who are passionate about their community projects and personal development.


We invite you to join us in the Soul Purpose 360 Network of like-minded Black women, with similar experiences, desires and aspirations from across the UK from where you can share and be supported, learn and grow, be inspired and have fun.


Membership is open to Black, Asian women and those who experience racism because of the colour of their skin, who are resident in the UK and are:

  • Actively involved in community development

  • Interested in developing their personal potential and their projects

  • Wanting to set up community initiatives in a safe and supportive environment

  • Seeking engagement with like-minded women who are active in their communities

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"Thank you for another great meeting, so much things rising to the surface. 


 I am so grateful to be a part of SP360 where we all have the same interest at heart."

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Meeting ID: 897 8991 7698 Passcode: 933072

Join Us!!!

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  • To bring together Black (African Caribbean and Asian) women who work, volunteer, run projects, community groups, social enterprises that benefit the community or those who desire to and to improve insights into Black communities from women’s perspectives

  • To provide a safe space where women can bring their whole selves; personal and professional, share experiences and issues of concern and receive help in return.

  • Identify and develop Black women community leaders and change-makers within community groups and support capacity building within these groups

  • Strengthen connections and engagement with Black women in communities whose voice is under-represented on public policy

  • To provide access to personal development and practical skills-based training that enable women to Be More and Do More.

  • To allow the cross-fertilisation of ideas, establishment of partnerships, collaborations, and joined-up working – lightening the load.

Being part of this group has been life changing because it has enabled me to believe in myself again - I have so much to offer.  I love people. Tt’s nice to be around women who are doing great things and are supporting each other. I have never been around such beautiful Queens who encourage each other to shine!!!

Looking Forward always.

The Community Leadership

Programme for Changemakers

Have your say:  


We are looking for Coaches, Mentors and Workshop Facilitators with experience in the community development sector to support the programme. 

#EmpoweredBlackWomenEmpoweringBlackWomen      #WeAreThatVillage

Support Soul Purpose 360 in its mission by making a donation.  As a social enterprise, all of our profits are reinvested into the business for the benefit of those who use our services.  

Thank you kindly.