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Black Women's Networking & Empowerment Circle 

Membership Application Form

Membership is open to Black women - African, African-Caribbean & Asian and minoritised women who experience racism and are:

  • Actively involved in community development-

  • Interested in developing their personal potential and their projects

  • Wanting to set up community initiatives in a safe and supportive environment

  • Seeking engagement with like-minded women who are active in their communities

We are a national body setting up local Black Women's Networking & Empowerment Circles across the UK, the purpose of which are:

  1. To bring together Black (African Caribbean and Asian) women who work, volunteer, and run projects, community groups and social enterprises that benefit the community, or those who desire to.

  2. To provide a safe space where women can bring their whole selves; personal and professional to share experiences, knowledge skills and issues of concern and receive support and guidance in return.

  3. To provide access to personal development and practical skills-based training that enable women to Be More and Do More such as coaching, mentoring, training and more.

  4. To allow the cross-fertilisation of ideas, establishment of partnerships, collaborations, and joined-up working – lightening the load.

  5. To identify and build the capacity of Black women as community leaders and change-makers.

  6. To strengthen connections and engagement with Black women in communities whose voices is under-represented on local social policy

Together we are Cultivating Black Women for Social Change

Data Protection:

Your name and details will be added to the national database of Soul Purpose 360 Members and stored securely in accordance with GDPR regulations.  

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