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This page is dedicated to all things Soul Purpose 360 Newham.

Here you can find out who the local facilitators are, dates of monthly workshops and much more.

About Newham

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Newham is a London borough in East London, England, which forms part of Inner London.

Newham is a borough located in East London, England. It is bordered by the River Roding and Barking Creek to the east, the River Thames to the south, and the River Lea to the west. Newham was established in 1965 by amalgamation of North Woolwich, a small part of Barking, and the county boroughs of East Ham and West Ham. It includes areas such as Silvertown, Custom House, Canning Town, Beckton, Plaistow, West Ham, East Ham, Upton Park, Stratford, Manor Park, and Forest Gate. Newham has a population of 387,576, making it the third highest of the London boroughs and the 17th most populous district in England. It is 5 miles east of the City of London and is one of the most diverse places in the country, with more than 200 dialects spoken.

Ethnic or cultural background of residents: White British 13.1%, White Irish 0.8%, Other White 13.8%, Mixed White & Black Caribbean 1.1%, Mixed White & Black African 1.1%, Mixed White & Asian 1.2%, Other Mixed 1.7%. Asian Indian 14.8%, Asian Pakistani 9.7%, Asian Bangladeshi 12.4% Asian Chinese 1.7%, Other Asian 6.6%, Black African 11.1%, Black Caribbean 4.0%, Other Black 2.6%, Arab 1.3%, Other Ethnic Group 2.9% 

40% of residents are Christian, 32% Muslim, 8.8% Hindu, 2.1% Sikh, 1.2% part of another religious group, 9.5% were not religious and 6.4% did not state their religion (2011)

Newham Facilitators

Shrooq Memar

I am Shrooq, a facilitator with extensive experience as an informal educator, business strategy coach, and financial advisor for over a decade.

My mission is to ensure my voice is heard. By joining Soul Purpose 360, I aim to empower and uplift women worldwide who have faced challenges and are eager for positive change.

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Toshia Davis

Hi, I am Toshia, I am a Newham resident and I am training as a Creative Arts Facilitator and also setting up a Women's Circles project. 


I joined Soul Purpose 360 because I was seeking connection and sharing ideas in a safe space, which is important to me.  I am volunteering as a facilitator to help other Black women to step out of the shadows of their own lives to find their soul purpose too.   

Contact us: Email:  | Tel: 07821 121147

Monthly sessions held every Second Wednesday of every month

between 7 - 9pm  at:

Royal Docks Learning & Activity Centre (RDLAC)

Albert Rd, London E16 2JB

Refreshments provided

We invite you to join us in the Soul Purpose 360 Network of like-minded Black women, with similar experiences, desires and aspirations from across the UK from where you can share and be supported, learn and grow, be inspired and have fun.

Have your say on Newham and its neighbourhoods.  Tell us what you want from the local group.  Complete the Local Groups Survey  

1. Newham Launch 9 August 23 - Shrooq Memar.png
Wednesday 9 August 
Woman Unite and Thrive 

Hosted by Shrooq Memar, 'Advice by Shrooq'

Join us for a presentation and discussion that will centre around the empowering concept of Black women coming together to grow together. This powerful idea emphasizes the strength and potential that can be harnessed when Black women unite and support one another in various aspects of life.

When Black women join forces, they can create a nurturing and encouraging environment that fosters personal and professional growth. Through mentorship, networking, and sharing experiences, they can learn from each other's journeys, inspire each other, and provide valuable insights that lead to individual and collective advancement.

This collaborative approach can have a profound impact on different spheres, including entrepreneurship, leadership, education, and personal development. By pooling resources and expertise, Black women can overcome challenges, break through barriers, and achieve their goals more effectively.

Moreover, supporting one another can help break down societal stereotypes and gender biases, promoting a more inclusive and equitable society. The idea of Black women coming together to grow together celebrates diversity, encourages mutual respect, and challenges the notion of competition between us. 


The concept of Black women coming together to grow together represents a powerful force that can drive positive change, elevate women's voices, and pave the way for a more empowered and united future.  Join us in the national Black Women's Networking & Empowerment Circle Newham. 

Programme 2023

Wednesday 9 August

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Wednesday October

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