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Resilient Women Build Communities

Resilient Women Build Communities is a safe space for Black women resident in Croydon; a space to learn, grow in confidence and practice new behaviours and build social networks.  


The programme offers opportunities for participants to socialise, form friendships and networks, try new experiences and channel their energies into doing social good – building resilient communities. 

Resilient Women Build Communities hosts 2-hour, fortnightly workshops in Croydon on the first Sunday of every month between 5-7pm and the third Friday of every month between 7-9pm. Workshop topics are chosen by members.  We also hold 4 events per year - International Women's Day/Mothers Day, a summer event, a Black History Month event and a Christmas social event. 

Register your interest. Complete the form here to deliver a workshop in Croydon or any of our local groups.

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Davina Brown
Project Coordinator

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