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Who We Are

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Sonia Ackun

During the latter stages of her illness, Pauline and I shared many deep and often painful conversations. We talked about life, its meaning and of her regrets. I learned a lot about her that I probably would never have if she never became as ill as she was. It became clear that Pauline’s daily acts of kindness, thoughtfulness and putting others before herself, was the outward manifestation of someone lacking in self-confidence and the belief that she could ever have lived a life of her choosing."

I cannot express enough how transformative this experience has been for me. Being a part of this community has not only allowed me to connect with beautiful and incredible women but has also been a catalyst for my own personal growth and empowerment.

What distinguishes Soul Purpose 360 is the emphasis on strength, education, togetherness and empowerment. This is achieved through various activities, workshops and discussions.

Thank You SP360

"Soul Purpose 360 was motivated by a personal experience and a drive and determination to use that experience to help others. It was fuelled by a series of deep and emotional conversations with my older sister that eventually led me to find my soul purpose.

After a particularly stressful period in her life, my older sister Pauline became seriously ill and was later diagnosed with terminal cancer. We learned that her illness was directly attributable to the stress she endured.


Palma Black,

Founder, Soul Purpose 360 CIC

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