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Our Mission

Our mission is to motivate, inspire and imbue confidence in women to enable them to contribute positively to their communities through their own personal growth. We do this by blending personal development with community development. 


We are not like other organisations... 

  • We are a member-led organisation. We are keen to meet direct need that is aligned with our purpose and values. 

  • We offer a safe space for women to contemplate finding their soul purpose, irrespective of age, ability, social status, or circumstance.  

  • We actively empower individuals to use their lived experiences to benefit others rather than seeing them as ‘problems’. 

  • We provide online and in-person networking opportunities for Black and minoritised women who want to be more and do more for Self and community.  

  • We are an uplifting and empowering space for women who are already active in the community development space, third and public sectors to prevent burnout.  

  • We offer one-to-one support to women at all stages of their personal development journey. We support members to deliver community projects and to deliver workshops too as a means of boosting their confidence and setting themselves up as workshop facilitators with their own theme.  

  • Our membership model encourages and supports women to establish their own local Soul Purpose 360 groups, so that they can extend the reach to other Black women in their own geographical communities. 

SP360 Member


Rachel Charles

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