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Why investing in self is the best investment

Research is increasingly highlighting the fact that Black Women are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs and that ‘ethnic minorities more likely to go to university than their white working-class counterparts’.

However, there are still major obstacles in our way, some are institutionalised whilst others are self-imposed.

As Black Women working in community develop, we need to recognise that in order to be more and do more, we must invest in ourselves; whether that be time to study or paying for training or coaching or whatever tool our white counterparts are doing. To some in this sector, investing in self appears to be self-indulgent, selfish, wasteful or non-urgent and so we keep providing the answers to our own questions about whether to invest in self or not to invest in self. Yet, we continue to spend inordinate amounts in the cosmetics industry, hair, nails and make-up are winning over our own personal advancement. The time has come for change.

Not only are Black people reluctant to invest in our communities, we are reluctant to invest in ourselves. As women, we often let our self-doubts and insecurities stop us, whereas men tend to push forward despite their doubts.

Soul Purpose 360 CIC is a coaching and mentoring social enterprise rooted firmly in community development, created to cultivate Black women for social change. We believe that Black women working in the community sector deserve access to personal development tools and techniques that the private and corporate sectors have been using to advance themselves for generations. Let us take the time to value and invest in ourselves, so that we can Be More and Do More for those we seek to serve!


March 2020

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