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Each time a woman stands up for herself, she stands up for all women

Maya Angelou

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 Are you struggling to get a community venture off the ground

and would like some support? 

Soul Purpose 360 is a registered Community Interest Company created to provide coaching and mentoring to support, encourage and nurture Black women in the UK to positively and effectively impact their communities through active participation. 

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“The only thing separating people living under unfavourable social and personal conditions and those that are not - is Mindset”.


Soul Purpose 360 is rooted in community development. We are keen to see more and more Black women become actively involved in their communities - influencing and shaping social change for all.  Unfortunately, far too often, Black women are held back by personal obstacles and challenges that prevents them from participating in their communities.  We recognise that the motivation for getting involved in community life through activities like volunteering, setting up community projects such as a charity or community group or even launching a social enterprise, can be a daunting task.  We work by blending personal development with community development to empower Black women to find their soul purpose - to see the value in their lived-experiences, to empower, motivate and inspire women to live their best lives and contributing positively to their communities as Changemakers.  

Cultivating Black Women for Social Change - a Paul Hamlyn Foundation funded social research project explored the range of barriers to involvement in community life, such as; a lack of confidence, social isolation due to lone-parenting or having caring responsibilities.  Other challenges include bereavement and depression, and sometimes being restricted by misinformed cultural and religious teachings, and then there are the limiting beliefs that result in fixed-mindsets. For many women, these obstacles can mean the difference between living fulfilled lives… or not.

Change starts within; by recognising and unleashing this power through coaching, mentoring, training, networking and more, we are enabling Black women to use their new founds skills, talent and confidence to bring benefits to their communities - everyone is a winner!

We offer a range of services that are tailored to the individual - because we are all individuals.  Join us as a client or support us through collaboration - we are the sum of our parts

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Coaching helps clients to visualise and define their goals and the steps to achieve them. 

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Coaching helps clients to visualise and define their goals and the steps to achieve them. 

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We deliver engaging and interactive workshops to help you on your journey to greatness. 

Personal Development

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We provide the technical knowhow to give you the skills you need to progress

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 Our monthly networking facilitate women-to-women connection for support. We hold a safe space for you.


Cultivating Black Women for Social Change is a research project  exploring and examining the personal characteristics of successful Black women in community leadership in Britain. 


Collaboration Opportunities

Soul Purpose 360 is a big undertaking, so collaborative working is central to the long-term vision of the social enterprise, so that we can thrive at Cultivating Black Women for Social Change. 

Training Opportunities

The Community Leadership Programme for Changemakers is being developed with you in mind!  Have your say by clicking this link: 


We are looking for Coaches, Mentors and Workshop Facilitators with experience in the community development sector to support the programme. 

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Volunteer Opportunities