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Soul Purpose 360 Local Groups 

We want Soul Purpose 360 to be a vibrant network that increases our combined reach and impact,
and helps members be more and do more.

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I noticed this morning I felt more positive and was able to deal with my challenges at work in a more positive way.  

We've got a lot of work to do!

I'm Inspired!

Thank you for creating this opportunity. It has given me plenty to think about!

We invite you to join us in the Soul Purpose 360 network of like-minded Black women, with similar experiences, desires and aspirations from across the UK and beyond, where you can share and be supported, learn and grow, be inspired and have fun.

We have established a step-by-step guide and all the resources needed, to set up  a local group in your community.  Contact us to learn more.

Setting Up a group in your community.

The African saying "It takes a village to raise a child", is often used to convey the strength in community collectivism. In Soul Purpose 360, we see it as a matriarchal depiction of Black women taking the lead in their communities to develop local solutions for local problems – cultivating Black women for social change to enable them to participate in creating  happy, healthy and thriving communities. 


Since no two communities are ever the same, a one-sized approach will not do.  A local network group can be started by only a handful of women with a commitment to support one another and by connecting to the national Network, for additional support and guidance. Soul Purpose 360 will seek funding to support the growth and development of the local group and individual members, to meet our mission and yours too.  


To kick start a group – we encourage members to join the national network to connect with others in your locality.   We have established the Soul Purpose 360 Community Network Incubator to support individuals and groups to get the networks up and running.  Get in touch by calling 07834558500 or emailing for guidance and support to join or set up a group in your area!

  In Sistahood!

Soul Purpose 360 CIC

Soul Purpose 360 is the trading name of Soul Purpose 360 Community Interest Company Number: 12217224 Registered in England and Wales.

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