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New Year's Message From Palma Black

2023 was a year of many successes for the Soul Purpose 360 and the Black Women’s Networking & Empowerment Circle(s). With the launches of numerous local groups and regular inspirational and motivational workshops across various locations with many being led by members of the network; on behalf of all those who have participated and learned, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thanks to the volunteer facilitators without whom, local groups would not exist. Thanks also to the members of the Empowered Me! programme for being a part of the impact study and thanks to all the women who have encouraged others to join the network - the membership community has grown tremendously to become a global enterprise.  


A special thank you goes to everyone who has supported and encouraged me in 2023 – you know who you are. As strong, powerful Black women in Soul Purpose 360, you inspired and motivated me and others through your own personal journeys. Your continued presence in my life, professionally and personally, has reinforced the need to have a strong support system, especially when growing a member-led social enterprise whilst experiencing personal challenges.  


But as we step into a New Year, there is a clear indication that there is so much more to come. 


2024 comes with a host of new opportunities for Soul Purpose 360 and all who sail with us. This year we are set to see even more local groups, more programmes, and more opportunities. These new additions are aimed at empowering, encouraging, motivating, and inspiring even more Black and minoritised women to take charge of their lives and become the best version of themselves.  As we move forward together into the future, it's important to remember that we are the sum of our parts. By working together and supporting one another, we can achieve great things.  


Soul Purpose 360 is committed to providing the necessary support to help Black women uncover and achieve their goals. Empowerment programmes will be expanded to include more resources and tools to support personal development and inspiring Black women to become social changemakers. There will be more local groups launched across the country, serving as safe spaces for Black and minoritised women to connect, share experiences and support each other on their journey towards success.  


Black women have always been at the forefront of social change, and with the new opportunities that are coming our way, we can continue to make a positive impact on the world. The Black Women’s Networking & Empowerment Circle is poised to achieve even greater success in 2024. So, let's embrace the future with open arms and a strong sense of purpose, knowing that together, we can accomplish anything. 


Personal development is key to success in any field, and Soul Purpose 360 believes that Black women have what it takes to achieve greatness. Whether it's through education, training, or building businesses, Black women are more than capable of achieving their goals. With confidence, friendliness, and a strong sense of authority, Black women can lead the way in their respective fields and inspire others to do the same. 


To all those who are at the start of your journey, remember that it is okay to lean on others and ask for help when needed; compassion and empathy are not weaknesses, but rather strengths that can help build strong relationships and communities. Your innovative spirit and confidence will also serve you well as you continue your path to success. Always keep in mind that you can achieve great things. Your journey may not be easy, but with the support of those around you and your own determination, you can overcome any obstacle. I am confident that you will continue to inspire and empower those around you.  Best of luck on your journey, and know that you have a community of strong, powerful Black women cheering you on every step of the way. 


Soul Purpose 360 will redouble our efforts to provide an empowering, encouraging, motivating, inspirational, compassionate, supportive, empathetic, innovative, and authoritative environment that fosters personal growth and development. 


The future is looking brighter than ever before. As strong, powerful, and innovative individuals, Black women in Soul Purpose 360, are poised to take advantage of all the new possibilities that are coming our way. With our unique blend of compassion, support, and empathy, Soul Purpose 360 is sure to make a positive impact in the years to come. 




Palma Black, Founder & CEO

Palma Black is the founder and CEO of Soul Purpose 360 CIC. She has over 30 years’ experience in community development and regeneration.  She is a trained Personal Performance Coach and is DISC Accredited. Palma was head of community investment for a G15 social housing association for nearly a decade and still works in the industry, keeping up with relevant knowledge, skills, and experience. She has contributed to social policy change across many areas in London and the southeast and is known and respected in many fields in a variety of sectors.  She is a Grants Panel Member of the Football Foundation, so is conversant in public funds management and programme impact, monitoring and evaluation. 

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